Thursday, January 5, 2012

inspirational wall

I want to share with you, my little side wall beside my bed, I call in my inspiration wall.  This is a funny wall, our house has a very sloped roof, so upstairs bedrooms have walls more like ceilings.  Acadian style, here in Louisiana. Anywho, when I am feeling anxiety or stress, mornings are sometimes moments I am "in my head" and if I have something on my mind, as soon as my eyes open, the thoughts are when my friend Sherry gifted me this canvas, I hung it so I would see it first thing in the morning... and I would remember, the message behind it.  I added a piece I threw together yesterday.
I had an oopsie canvas I created, and I was not happy with it.  (side note, be careful adding cheesecloth for "texture"...) so I tried to remove it and save the canvas, no dice.  I tore it was for me.  I added an old book cover collage with my word for the New Year.  Clarity...
So now, when I wake up, if I feel I need a little reminder, I have them.


  1. "You" are an inspiration...just full of so many creative ideas.

  2. Cute idea...No cheese cloth for me LOL!


  3. I've worked with Cheesecloth before and although it does add dimension, if I don't get it "just right" it tends to mess up, which frustrates me. I thought about using it for a makeshift drapery at the tops of my canvas, but have not tried that technique yet. I love yours with the peach tassel at the bottom and the gorgeous lace pieces..
    By the way Kathy, I have made your word for the New Year mine as well....It just keeps popping into my head at the oddest times...washing dishes today, I was angry because I had to stand there for 45 minutes and do it all by I thought of your word "clarity" and just muddled through it, when I was finished, I felt better. Reminded me of my grandmother and her words "You know, a little hard work won't kill you sherri"......See? Clarity. Once we get through the muck, the fog, the hazy views - we begin to long for a little clarity and it almost always comes into focus. {such a great word!!!}
    Have a great evening friend...xo

  4. Inspiration when you waken is always a good idea...a good way to start the day. I like that you have "me" in your bedroom; I have you in mine (my Fly Bird!)....just wait until early February -- we can take some silly photos together and hang them in our THAT will be instant inspiration..laughter does it for me every time!!!

    As for cheesecloth...I've never used it but I'll take your experience under advisement in case I decide to try it. I have to smile though -- you tore it and "ruined it" so it is for you. Why? Because you only deserve the "orts" as my mother would have called them?? I know the why but I hope you will continue to make more art for you on the "good stuff". I do like how you created this and added the'll have so much clarity sooner than you'll need sunglasses to keep out the glare!! Love you! ♥