Friday, January 6, 2012

repurposed and cheap too...

So I was strolling through the Goodwill and I spied this table, for 5.50.  B.I.N.G.O...isn't the plastic place mat the perfect touch?  Festive too...
blurry picture, sorry.

So I decided to work on it, one coat of paint, a few days of procrastinating, and then finally this afternoon I finished it.  My house is pretty much filled with this type of furniture, do I even have a table that isn't distressed?  Yes, one and it is next.  I love the old stuff...and I love to distress it.  I even did my dining table, nothing is safe with me.
2 coats of paint
a break to look up...
Now where do I put it?
 Here will do, for now...

I don't use anything special to distress, depends on the size of the piece, most of the time I use old wall paint I have laying around, or Oop's paint from Home Depot.  As for the stain, any stain...I tend to like the dark stain, like walnut.  But I have used the colors too.   Easy peasy, after you sand off as much as you wipe the stain on and wipe off.  I don't do anything further.  You could put a clear coat on I guess, but I like it, as is.


  1. Super cute.. great find. I love it.

  2. This is wonderful Kathy! You've got a great eye for a transformation. When I looked at the first photo all I could say was "omg...blech"...the place mat just made it worse!! lol!! But you've totally transformed it and I love how you've used it!! If I had seen that in goodwill I'd have kept right on walking. Seeing this means I'm going to have to re-train my eyes!! :)

  3. Happy Pink Saturday Kathy, I like you table, I would have walked past it too, I will have to stop, look, and think...what would Kathy do with this? Thanks for the visit and comment. May I ask what kind of paint and stain you use? Thanks, Linda

  4. What a fabulous table you found and the transformation is wonderful!

  5. Oooh a great find!! I think it turned out fabulous! I love to distress as well. I want to build a Farmhouse kitchen table and distress it to look 1800's...I can't wait. A Summer project perhaps!

    I just love going to Goodwill and finding something cheap too. My favorite is when I find those old fabric bags, stuffed full for $5. Or Antique books. Oh be still my heart!

    Love the trees photo - so majestic!!! xo

  6. Cute how you finished it off. I would like to know what kind of stain you used also. I have never done anything like that but love the look. I have two real old white chippy chairs I would love to do this with. You will have to give me instructions.....

  7. wowsers woman! the transformation is amazing! what a good find too!
    I am curious about the last table (with the typewriter on it)...I have a pie table that was my Great Grandparents and it needs serious work. I want to paint it white but am "scared"....might have to share photos with you and see what you think! Happy Saturday!