Wednesday, January 4, 2012

happy purchase

I treated myself to a case for my Nook Color, they always change them a bit, don't they?  I upgraded to the Color...and my original case was a bit small, and I kind of tired of it anyways...
I found this lovey piece at Leahs' Linen's of Etsy.  And was so surprised when I received it, the pictures didn't do it justice.  I love the black and white, and come on the frilly, polka dot rosettes...over the top cute.
Showing and telling today, off to yoga this morning and refinishing a couple of tables later on...Happy day to all~


  1. Oh this is fabulous, Kathy. And I love your cover! Jenny and I had plans to go to the Silver Slipper to the buffet today because I wanted to eat and to see the beach...But, the bridge was closed to Slidell! Darn! I'm sure you heard it on the news...Well, we went out for Japanese food instead and had a really good time!! xo Cindy

  2. Oh I love it Kathy! I think it's very classy, and the rosettes at the top just make it fun and girly. I wanted a Nook so bad for Christmas...It is on my Birthday list for this year!

    I want to do Yoga so bad - I am trying to find a class around me, but with no luck. I am taking up cycling again! Just got a new mountain bike a month ago and cannot believe how "free" I feel when I'm coasting down the road. Like a kid again. I'd forgotten how much fun it was to do something as simple as riding a bike.

    Happy evening to you dear one! xo