Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Facebook, love it or leave it?

"Oh how many times have I tried to leave you, I know I waste to much time on you!"
Sound familiar?
I do enjoy seeing my friends and keeping up with what they are saying, doing, promoting??  (Yes, I am afraid I am getting a bit tired of seeing all the promoting.  A post or two a day, not a bad thing...but when I find myself wanting to "hide" from them, then I start to think it is a bit much.)
I have told myself that this new year I will be on less, in fact sometimes I would like to drop it all together, but I know the temptation is to great, lol...so cut back, is what I will try to do.
I have had so many computer problems in the last few months, and I know a lot of this is FB related.  My email has been hacked twice in the last month...maybe not from there, but I am thinking it is.
I know I share to much, I have had so many people tell me they keep up with my "antics" all the time, but chose not to post, just lurk.  Really?  That kinda creeped me out too.  So I guess we all have stalkers on FB too.  ickkk...
So in the next few days I am going to try to wean myself back, I want to get back to blogging, I say that ALL the time, but yesterday I did visit many of my blog friends and I enjoyed it.  And plan to do more of it.
So wish me luck, give me tips..I am open to an intervention... ha!


  1. Open to intervention!!! Love it!! :)

    It IS addicting...spending time on the computer and the clock moves faster than we think it does.

    Lurkers and stalkers on FB? Of course they are there, just as I know we have people who lurk and stalk on our blogs...read us but never comment. People who know us IRL who read to see what we are up to...which is one of the reasons I share the way I do. I don't mind sharing my thoughts or ideas or questions...but I'm not getting into the nitty gritty of my life...and if they come looking for that? I'm not sorry to disappoint.

    What to do with time on facebook? Limit yourself as you want to do -- seems to be the best thing. Pick a time during the day and say "from this time to this time" and then check it and leave when you say you are going to. If you aren't sure you can stick to the time limit, get a timer (I got one 2 years ago at Target when I was in the US and I think it cost me $6!) and set it. When the buzzer goes, step away from the computer.

    Keep us posted on how this works for you!! xo

  2. I am right here with you, Kathy. I've been thinking the same thing. I miss my blog and visiting my blog friends. Facebook takes up so much time, I rarely go blog hopping anymore. I really want to get back to blogging several times a week.

    Maybe we can do it, together!

    Gerushia's New World

  3. I am not really into the Facebook or Twitter thing although I do have accounts....I think with a blog, we can post whatever we want and tell a story, talk about life, tell about our garden, our shoes, what the kids did, what our furry friends do that make us happy..... Share all kinds of photos and tell a story to go along with all of our photos. Interact with ladies we never would have met had we not blogged about something and they "stumbled upon us" and followed us....extended the hand of friendship and let us know "Hey! I'm here...just reading about you"...

    Blogging will be my cheap therapy for 2012. I have a lot to say and slowly...slowly...I'll begin to open up and say it..

    I've made a goal for 2012 to write a post a day....I'm with you girls - I'm all about the sisterhood of blogging!!

  4. My blog is also terribly neglected. I am going to try to post at least once a week. My problem is I'm not sure what to write about because I don't want to get into my personal life.....guess I'm more private than I thought I was. So, I'll try to make it interesting without giving out too much personal info. Can this be done? HMMMMMM

  5. Thank you Kathy for all you inspire, thanking you for your beautiful visit to my place.

  6. I have never been tempted by facebook or twitter or any of the other social networking thingies....for me blogging is best! I even spend far too much time blogging so if I did other things when would I have the time for art, family.....LIFE???
    Wean yourself off, my friend....YOU CAN DO IT!!!

  7. I have found it easy to stay away from Facebook and only get on when I need a break or need to sit for a spell. I do however get on in the morning with my tea, yogurt and breakfast bar and read the posts. I limit myself to only read the ones I am interested in, so many I just pass up. I have made some wonderful friends on Facebook and that I am thankful for...in fact You are one of them. So Facebook has given me many people who have inspired me and have lifted me up. I just think of all the beautiful friends that I would of missed out big time on if it weren't for Facebook. I keep in contact with my family, easy way to do that. If I need someone, I know I can find someone on Facebook. I think that people like you and me who have worked with the public for so many years, we need an outlet like this, we are social people. Cutting back is not hard, you get on, read what your favorite friends are doing and respond and get off. But never pass up a good laugh or giving someone support. I too want to do more blogging and get more followers. But sometimes I can not find something to talk about, I suppose I will get better at that. And then there is art we must always make time for. Sounds like you are doing good...you are filling your days with good things for you and your soul and a little Facebook is not going to hurt you Missy....You are one BIG reason I am thankful for Facebook, I can't imagine not ever meeting you..xo

  8. I just don't get it!!! All this hype over FB!!! However, at the encouragement of my "younger" friends, I bit the bullet and joined the crowd. I'm still learning the ropes, but so far I'm not impressed with this form of social media. I don't see my getting addicted. I much prefer the old fashioned phone call or visit.

  9. It is hard to keep up with facebook and Blogging. I facebook because of family and blogging is very special to me also. It is hard to keep up with both. Happy New Year, all the best, Hugs, Mary