Thursday, September 20, 2012

Shaming the pooches...

These are so funny!
If you need a laugh today, you go!


Oh, if we love them, we love matter what they do.


  1. This is just to much first thought was the morning I woke to reach for my glasses, and they were gone. I had to find them and get ready for work. But when I found my absent glasses they were in pieces. My Mattie Ann (Beagle) had distroyed them. She knew that she had done something wrong as I ranted all the bad words I have ever heard. I had to call work and say that my dog ate my glasses and that I would be to work after going to the eye Dr. Our Mattie passed away about a year ago, gosh, I miss her, she was amazing, she loved us so much. Mary

  2. These are so cute!! I should do some like this only using my cats. They get into all kinds of trouble!