Sunday, September 16, 2012


I am a blog slacker.
I still have the desire, I think.  I just don't take the time.  I blame Facebook...
Facebook gets the blame for so much these days, so why not.  Luckily I am not into Twitter, so I can't blame that.  I would love to blame Pinterest, but I don't know what to do there.  But that is another post.
I have looked high and low for vintage Pyrex refrigerator dishes.  I found some on a local sell/swap group on Facebook.  I love them.  I have banned all plastic from our cabinets.  Now if I have leftovers, they are in glass.  I am still on the look out for more., it is fun to have a treasure to seek again.
I found some fantastic grapes today, and paid an arm and a leg for really!  I bought some fresh fruit salad at Fresh Market to take to work with my Friday.  Have I told you I am working PT again?  Another blog post coming.  Anyhow, this salad had the most wonderful crunchy grapes.  I went in today to find the grapes.  Of course they were organic, and rang up at the register for 10.03.  WHAT?  But they are THAT good, and I know I have bought a bottle of wine for more than that, so I treated myself.  My new found relationship with fruit, comes from my return to Weight Watchers.  Fruit is free now, no points.  Again, WHAT?  I am not really a fruit/veggie eater.  I must re-train.
You may remember I was on ViSalus.  I did the 90 day challenge, and then stayed on it for another month.  I did like the shakes, but I had a bit of trouble with the fiber, nuff said.  lol...

So I went back to WW to get this final10 (15?) pounds off.  And the new program is so easy, if you have a smart phone.  Oh my goodness...scan a bar code and it tracks the food for you.  Easy Peasy.
I weigh in Monday morning, we shall see how good I have done.  I had a wee gain, during our little get-away in August, and darn old Isaac added to it.  So this is me, back on track...

Off to go and blog surf a bit this evening.  I am hoping to be posting sooner than later. xo


  1. Hello slacker!! lol!! I've been enjoying my Facebook break and have amazed myself with some of the things I've been doing with that time. I wonder if there is a points system for Facebook? That would help me tremendously! xoxoxox

  2. Hi Kathy, I also did ViSalus for a while also. So understand the fiber comment. I am also back to WW trying to get my weight off. 7 Weeks now, 13 lbs off so far. Wishing you the best.