Thursday, July 26, 2012

Embracing change, gracefully

Whether I liked it or not, I have noticed that things do change…in the last few years of my life, change has been present.  I think I used to be hesitant of change, and then I noticed I no long felt that struggle.  It happened regardless of my approval.
And then I realized that some of this change I was initiating.  Is that what happened with my art?  I felt stagnation in my art and I needed a change of direction.  I didn’t know then that direction was STOP.  I felt I had been following the same routine, using the same supplies, even though I would change things up.  I was still very much ‘vintage inspired’ and I wasn’t happy any more creating art.  Or selling it, for that matter.  Etsy has sure changed my ideas of selling, and not for the good.  I think a lot of us, agree.  But I won’t go into that.  So much of it I still do not understand.

So days I toy with the idea of collecting supplies that do not inspire my anymore, and donating them to a school, or finding a good home for them.  We all know how much money we have tied up in supplies... then I think, maybe I will use them.  So for now, I am not judging my lack of creating art, I am simply ok with it.  But when I decided to go back to blogging, I was curious...what would my blog be like?  Would my art friends follow?  What do I call myself now?  Do I start all over, or simply rename my blog?  As you can see, I renamed, and so far...all is well.

This is part one of change... regarding being a mixed media artist.  More about change and what I have learned, in the days to come.


  1. Change is constant, so while today you feel that perhaps your art has "stopped", there may well come a day in the future where you pick up where you left off...and your "voice" will be just that bit different. Explore, engage...just let things flow without thinking...wherever you go is where you are meant to be. xo

  2. Kathy:

    Follow your heart, but hang on to your supplies for now. Just as you've gone back to blogging in a different way than before, you may find your way back to a different way than before.

    Everything will fall into place one way or another.

    I will always be thankful for your art contribution for Nathan!

    Gerushia's New World