Wednesday, July 25, 2012

body, mind, spirit

I used to wonder why they called yoga class [practice].  Now I know why...
You are always moving forward, learning new poses, getting deeper in the poses you already know.
I am so grateful for my yoga practices, now.  I am not new to yoga, I did it years back when I belonged to another gym, a 'fancy' gym.  And you know what, I never felt anything but the fitness aspect of yoga there.  I never felt like I was learning about me, my self... my body, mind, spirit.  And how one blends into the other, and can give you a sense of peace.

I am ever so grateful for my wonderful yoga instructors, at the small gym I go to. Liz, Debbie, and Donna.  Each has taught me something meaningful.  I connect with them in different ways, but when I leave there I am peaceful, not anxious...feel good about my spiritual side.  These woman and some of the regulars attending the classes, have really touched my heart.  One time my friend Brenda, said "thank you for sharing your spirit with us"... to the instructor...and it hit me.  Yes, that is what they do.  I am grateful.

I will share more soon, about what 'my practice' has done for me, and my anxiety.  And my spirit...


  1. Yup, finding that balance between those three, plus the heart is our life's work I thing !
    Rock on, Miss Kathy ! ;-)

  2. I love how embracing yoga this time around has changed your outlook and your balance. It shows. It many, many ways. xoxo