Monday, July 23, 2012

My name is Kathy...

and I love nail polish.

I think I might have a wee bit of an addiction.  A nail polish hoarder maybe...
Not really, this is my stash and I recently gave many bottles away.  I am guilty of picking a shade and then not liking it with my skin tone. my skin tone.

I love freshly painted nails, I will re-do my mani if a small chip happens.  I believe all the ads when they say, long wear...guess what?  They lie.  I had a long time love of acrylic nails.  I mean for years and years.  I would hate to add the amount of money I spent in nail salons.  I almost always had the french manicure.  Beautiful pink and white tips.  Then came Solar nails, pink and white powder and you would never get an imperfection.  They were indestructible and a fill would last at least 2 weeks.  This is where the perfection, came from...
I let go of the acrylics a couple years ago now.  I am amazed that I can grow natural nails, from all of the damage done to my nail beds.  I was lucky, I never had a problem with infections or a fungus.  But my natural nails were like paper, and would crack and break for about a year.  I have told myself NO MORE ACRYLICS...but I do miss them.
Now I tend to like rounded nails to the end of my finger tip.  Today they are a bit longer, and I am soon to file them I think.

I always tease that I would love a live in nail tech.  I would...


  1. Put THAT on your Christmas wish list for the mister...who knows.... :)

    I do the same a shade thinking it will be perfect and then .... it's not. Surprise!!! And I too give them away.

    I've never done the acrylics and don't see myself going that route though I do love a french manicure. Some times my nails are in great shape and I can have one done...most of the time they are different lengths, I just do them myself. I love that the polish doesn't have to cost a fortune so that we can play!

    Don't go back to acrylics!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Too funny ... this morning, I was going through my bottles of nail polish deciding what I could give away :0)

    I think most of us buy a shade, thinking that we will LOVE it and then, yuck! what a disappointment. I just started painting my nails again ... not too easy to do with kiddos and grandkids but I do like when my toenails are painted - especially in the summer months.

  3. This post is perfect timing for this day. I hadn't bought polish in years. I have thin nails and tend to neglect them because of the crafts I do. My granddaughter Avery decided I should have hot pink polish on my nails, she is 7 years old. I was spending the day, and she is so adorable. Anyway, she did a okay job, but the polish was old. She then decided to peal it off one figure at a time. But while shopping today, I found myself buying this gray, blue, polish that I will probably hate, but now I am kinda hocked again. I am thinking about decals, oh no!!! Here's to finding the perfect color...have fun, Mary