Sunday, April 22, 2012

Let's talk blush....

I have tried a few types of creme blush...
You know, drug store variety.

I bought Neutrogena.  I am not impressed.  I see it when I apply it, and then it pretty much disappears.
So tell me, have you had luck with creme blush?  And if so, which type do you use?


  1. I don't use creme blush -- my skin is still fairly smooth and wrinkle free (oh curses, now that I've said THAT the wrinkle fairy will visit!) but it has dried out as I've aged and the creme isn't good for me. I like the Nars powder (the orgasm is a good colour for every one). I like Benefit Dandelion, a nice fresh pink blush and that's pretty much all I use. One thing I did read not that long ago -- we think sometimes that we've applied too much but in fact we've probably put on too little...which makes it fade. So I've started adding more than I usually would and feel like I can actually "see" the blush. depends on what I have on underneath it -- my skin moisturizer has a hint of foundation (Laurier Mercier) and if I have too little on, I can look pale.

  2. I've used Benefit Cosmetics "Benetint" for about 6 years now. It smells like rosebuds and it is so awesome I freak out when I am running low. It's really that good. I LOVE the smell of rosebuds......And, it looks so natural.

    I don't wear a lot of cosmetics, but Benefit "Benetint", a little mascara, and my favorite cannot do without gloss from Clinique "Black Honey" and I am set.

    I've never used creme blush before, but before I found Benetint, I used Lancome "Aplum" blush...It was really nice too....

    Hope you have a great week! xo

  3. When I used cream blush I used looks good and if it's the right color for your skin it does look natural and it does not come off like a lot of the powders in the heat...I really do prefer cream blush.....I am using a powder right now and I end up having to remove most of it because it looks so un-natural. What ever floats your boat....