Monday, April 23, 2012

Dog Day's

I had some fun with the fur's know I love my babies!
Cisco, the Lab will be 6 .  He is so in love with his tennis the extreme of obsession.  He will follow you anytime you are outside...try's to bring it inside...and can I tell you, it is gross...but I love to see the joy it brings him FOR A WHILE...then you simply walk in the house!
"Pick it up, throw it"
"enough with the camera"
the Boss
I bought some new bedding ...oh I love to see a 50% off sale and find I get a 30% coupon.  I have a love of quilts for our beds.  But being we are dog wash the quilts all the time.  And they shrink, and shrink.  So I was happy to find a quilt, bedspread.  I was unhappy to see, it doesn't go the whole way to the floor, so after a few washings, I will need a skirt.  Anywho...I found some colorful pillows to go with it.  And Bella, who is 4; found a CAVE.  Anytime she is missing, I know where to look.  She hunkers down, and thinks she is hidden.  She wasn't impressed with the flash in her eyes last night.
I know, some are cringing!
And then all was forgiven...
And I got a kiss!  For giving them the best ever home...Unconditional love from our furries.  For that, they deserve the best home and lots of love.


  1. I love that last shot the best! Mind you the one of Cisco looking right at the camera is great too!

    Unconditional love and making them a happy, safe, warm home...there's nothing better...than the love you receive in return!

  2. Looking at your pictures makes me so aware of how much I love my dogs!!! I can't imagine my life without a dog in it...

  3. I'm glad you edited this post!! :) And I'm laughing because neither Debbie nor I mentioned ANYTHING about the bedding in our comments!!! ROFL!!!