Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Change...funny how one day it just clicks

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I know we have all seen the ladies, young and old, who wear to much make up.  I know, I like make up...I always find it a fun part of my day.  Well, unless the humidity is spiking and it is melting off, that makes me pissy!  But these days, I have been noticing, my face at 50...looks to harsh with more make up.  I am finding less is more.  And I think that is for me, a good thing.
We can easily turn into this chica...
Isn't she fun?  lol...the white lipstick, WTH?

As we age, our pores are larger, we get a light "fur" on our face...the droops and sags!  Yep, seeing all of that now.  I never was one to wear heavy base or powder.  I used to love Bare Essentials, but I don't think the coverage is as good as it was at one time.  Or maybe it is me.  Where I see the change is my eyes.  I have been experimenting with liner and mascara.  Lining the upper lid, a whisper on the lower...and mascara on top lashes only.  I am happy with it.  Now if I was going out in the evening, I might add more.  And probably some shadow, day longer.  And if I was working, maybe then I would go back to my old ways...

So now, in this time...this is what I am doing.  Always...eyebrows, eyeliner, mascara and blush...
I would love to hear your thoughts on this too.


  1. I never was a person to wear a lot of makeup. It seemed like I did when putting it on but I always tried to look more natural not heavy foundation and light on the eye shadow. Now pushing 60 it seems like the makeup accents the age on my face. My eyes use to be so much prettier than they are now, too many lines and wrinkles. I always got comments on my eyes, even my eye doctor loved them!!! So Kathy, I too find myself using less makeup.

  2. You are so right on, the good thing is makeup is on from 3-4 minutes now, and that includes the base moisturizing before it all starts. I don't wear mascara anymore. I recently had this discussion with a new optician and you how in-the-face you are during an eye exam. She was a few years older than I and her makeup was much so that I just had to ask her about it. She switched to a tinted moisturizer instead of makeup base, a tinted lipstick instead of full blown color, a bit of eye liner, a bit of blush and as a final step pats her face with a bit of almond oil she bought at the health food store. She glowed. My skin is super dry; "glow" hasn't been in my vocabulary for years. So........I'm trying the tinted moisturizer when I can get to a decent dept store makeup counter.....I think my days of L'Oreal or Revlon from Walgreens are over. I can't remember the brand she told me, but I'm not so sure that's as important as sitting with someone who knows what they are doing with skin types and color.

  3. always more when it comes to some make up. I'm exactly where you are with this. I'm mascara, eyebrows, blush, lips...sometimes a liner on my lids. I do use a tinted moisturizer (Laura Mercier) which I like...a lot!

    It's all about finding the right type of product that works and highlighting which is still "good". It's the change in skin texture and all the things that start growing that we never dreamed we'd have to deal with!!!! And hair change, or changing hair colour, or going grey like I chose to do -- all of that affects the make-up.

    Great post Kathy -- there are too many women out there young AND old who do themselves a disservice by applying their make up incorrectly or with a trowel!!!

  4. I love this post as it is something I don't usually discuss 0 it just doesn't come up...
    My Mum always had immaculately applied makeup so I grew up learning from her and when I was young wore quite a lot of it and enjoyed playing with it.
    These days, at 55, I am definitely of the same opinion as you and all above...
    Tinted moisturiser in the winter with an SPF of 30 (not in the summer when I have more colour though), eyebrows (which seem to have vanished somewhat), blush and sheer lip tint in a nude colour. I do love mascara though and my eyelash curlers and use a soft brown shadow which emphasises the green of my eyes.

    But these days I am much more confident in not wearing make up at all and often go without - even when going out. Ed says I look younger without it so that is a bonus.

    I do keep my hair dyed. My hair went white when was in my 20s so I've coloured it ever since and at the moment don't feel I can strip the colour out. Ed is 9 years younger than me and as he edges towards 47 and I edge towards 56 I need all the help I can get keeping the years at bay lol!!!