Tuesday, March 6, 2012

the way I see it...

I write this today, and I am so happy to say...I am in a good place.  I thought about this post last night before I fell off to sleep, I was remembering what I was grateful for...

I have felt so disconnected, some of you know...my life has been a bit of a coaster in the past year or so, with ups and downs and some parts of it very scary.  But thank the Lord, everyone is healthy now and recovering. I took the huge step forward to take care of myself, to go back on my medication and to seek a counselor to help me find my way once more.  I knew the feeling of depression hitting me, and I also knew how hard I have worked in the past couple years...to be the best I can be.  (and bust my butt, if need be to do it.)

Suddenly I saw myself as a jigsaw puzzle.  And I saw the pieces fitting together.
 I know the labels on these puzzle pieces that I have been able to put in place.  I also know the labels on the "missing" pieces that have not found their place.  I will keep those to myself for now...but I am happy I saw this in my mind last night, to show me how far I have come.  I had an appointment with my counselor yesterday, and she was thrilled to see me and shared her feelings of how she see's me now.  I have a ways to go, I am refining what I want to work on and that is my homework for the next visit.  I feel I have found CLARITY, in what sent me to her...and now I will just fine tune...until more pieces fall into place.  WOW, when I chose "clarity" for my word of 2012, I had no idea...how much of an impact that word would have on me...and it is only March......
If and when these road blocks pop up, I know I can go back to my word...and remember where I am am now.  I am not where I want to be, but I not where I was either....
Thanks for listening to my rambling thoughts...Sometimes I keep these things to myself, and sometimes I feel like I should be sharing them.  Today I feel like I am meant to share, xo.


  1. I'm so pleased that today you felt that you were meant to share. It's so lovely to hear you talking like this, knowing that you are still looking for some puzzle pieces (great analogy!) and the realization that once you find those pieces..there may be others that crop up. Life is like that isn't it? A great big, ever changing puzzle. You put a smile on my face today missy -- I'm so happy to hear you sounding content and "clear"! ♥

  2. Glad to read this post Kathy and I understand it all so well. Life is a roller coaster...always changing and we hang on and try to ride the path. I always think our struggles/woes come in 3's...then it will get better...just away of making us stronger. You are a strong lady!

  3. Sometimes it is only in looking back that we can see how far we have come and you have come so far, dear Kathy. It is wonderful to hear you being so positive. Stay on the journey.

  4. I have seen you go through so many changes since I have known you but to hear you have found your "CLARTTY" and you are in the right place makes my heart happy!! I know it must be a wonderful feeling and I am so glad you are sharing it!!! You are so special to all your friends including me and when you are happy so are we!!! xo