Monday, March 5, 2012

A tree worth seeing...

 The Seven Sisters Oak

 The Seven Sisters Oak is the largest Southern live oak in the country. Located in Mandeville, Louisiana, the national champion live oak tree is estimated to be 1,500 years old. The Seven Sisters Oak has a circumference of 467 inches, a height of 68 feet, and an impressive crown spread of 139 feet, making this the only national champion with a crown spread twice as wide as the height of the tree.

I have lived in La. for 17 years, and haven't heard of this magnificent tree.   I found an article in a local magazine...and I knew I had to find it.  So I Googled the address and set of to see if I could find it.  No so lucky on the map, I have no sense of direction, and our roads are not well marked here.  Thankfully my phone has GPS...I found it!!!  Look how beautiful it is.  This tree is not far from the lakefront, and I am just so happy, that Katrina did not alter its beauty.  It must have had arms protecting it.


  1. Wow it is indeed beautiful! I love oak trees - their shapes are so unique especially when they get really old.

    I like your new look blog by the way. Was it easy to add pages?

    Must open an Etsy shop!!!!

  2. thank heaven Mr. Magoo (I will never let you forget that you told me that! lol!!) has GPS on her phone!! Kath, you were meant to find this tree. SO old and so big...I think Katrina was no match for this beauty...and I'm glad you found it!!

  3. Yes Lesley, YOU MUST OPEN AN ETSY SHOP!!! :)

  4. The life of a tree.....just amazing thinking of all the things this tree has endured during it's life...beautiful tree.....