Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Quick and Healthy Dinner

I am proud of myself this evening.  I cooked, just for me.  When Steve is offshore, sometimes I throw in a Lean Cuisine or something frozen from left overs. 
I had a leftover chicken breast, added onion, asparagus, yellow squash, garlic, whole wheat pasta and olive oil.
Splashed some sesame oil and soy sauce in there too.
And quick and easy...
An after dinner glass of wine would be lovely.  But I don't have any...I guess I will sip a diet Ginger-Ale and dream...


  1. OMG...that looks so yummy!!! Wine or no wine...mmmmmmm

  2. That looks very yummy. I like to cook for myself if I'm on my own. (Shame about the wine lol!)

  3. It looks so mouth is watering:)