Thursday, March 1, 2012

roasted cauliflower

I am so happy I tried this, we have fixed it three times now.  Each time it is a bit better.  I have not added any other flavors yet, but I do plan too.
I break it up a bit into bite (big) sized pieces.  And simply toss with olive oil and Kosher salt and black pepper.
Hot oven, I set mine for 450, but some say 400 to 500 degree's.  I am still playing with that.  I add foil to the pan for 10 minutes, then remove it.  The cauliflower roasts for 30 minutes.  But I would imagine, this is by size of the pieces.  Be careful and check it often.
You may want to leave this part out, I opted for a glass of wine while waiting.  I have pretty much given up wine for ordinary days...and leave it for special occasions, but this evening I wanted a glass.  Or two...  I do not want the added calories, and I have trouble sleeping when I indulge.
Oh my, sweet and nutty...full of flavor.
Please do take notice, the cauliflower does shrink in size, from the roasting.  So plan according to that.  I do hope you try this if you haven't already, it is so good...and very good for you!


  1. I LOVE cauliflower!! One of my favorite things. I cannot wait to try this - I've never roasted it before. Looks delicious! xo

  2. No one here but me likes cauliflower (having met Al and his picky tastes (!) you know what I'm talking about -- not adventure driven at all..and it's cauliflower for heavens sake!) but I think Evan would eat this so I'm buying some today and trying this. Might even add the glass or two of wine as well!! :)

  3. I love roasted Veggies, and this is really good. I made it a month or so ago, I couldn't get enough!!! greatshare, Hugs Mary