Wednesday, February 29, 2012

a talented artist...

I have to share this with you.
When Steve and I went to Pa. to visit our family, my "sister"-friend Bridgette, offered to watch  Bella.  I went to go get her when we got home, and found her son Dusty was visiting.  He is a very talented young man, and sketches so well.  I saw his journal opened on the table and peeked at it.  I commented when I saw this drawing, and Bridgette said "do you know who that is"  ummm, no!  And she told me it was Bella.  I thought it was hysterical.  His inspiration was that Bella is "large and in charge" at he put her in a suit.
I will add her photo you can see how well he captured her spirit.  (even down to her pouty lip)
I hope this made you smile, I know I did...
Thanks Dusty, for allowing me to share your amazing talent.


  1. Oh this made me laugh and smile. Just picturing the real Bella in a suit!!! But without a doubt Dusty has captured her spirit and I love his work. The detail is delightful, right down to the paw in the pocket and a briefcase in the other paw!

  2. Imagination, I love it!!! Yes it did make me smile....Thinking of my dogs in suits is even funnier!!! Good work Dusty!!!