Tuesday, February 28, 2012

oodles of vintage goodies

birds eye view
I was one of the happy winner's of a very generous GIVEAWAY, hosted by my friend Carol Berger.  She is a wonderful artist that I met on the Etsy forums.  We share the love of vintage elements to our art work.  And she found herself with too much stuff?  Sound familiar?  I know I have a good bit, but I now have more...and some lovely stuff.  let me show you...
I received a box and a separate package with this wonderful ledger.  ~sigh
 Of course I love old photos, there are so many.  And quite a few of the paper frames, the frame with the tinted woman, has glass in it, so unique.
And now a few of my favorites... you know, sometimes they just speak to you.  And you just feel a connection with them for some reason...
Mom's and babies, so cute

love the grin, on both of their faces

happily picking her strawberries

SASSY little girl, nuff said

sitting in the basket of the bike, silly girl!
Carol added lots of old ephemera and bits an pieces...stamps...mixed media supplies...oh my!

My friend, you spoiled me.  As I told you on Facebook, my muse has left the building...I know this will bring her back to me.  I already have some ideas for the paper frames...While in Pa. I went to JoAnn's...(we don't have one in La.) and I stocked up on canvas's...minis and squares.  I feel the desire to create once more.  It has been awhile since I have just lost myself in my art.  Long over due...
Thank you for adding to the "spark" of desire to do it again. xo....
Carol's blog
Carol's shop


  1. Kathy I truly am glad to have shared some of these "extra's" with you, my friend. You and I love the same things, it's true! Sometimes when it seems as though our muse leave's the building, something as simple as a special photograph might open the door for her to walk back in! I am glad to know these things have opened that door for your talented muse!! Enjoy~!~

  2. ooohhhh you hit the motherlode!!!! These are wonderful bits and pieces for you to play with!!! Carol was VERY generous indeed!

  3. Hi Kathy, Thanks for your visit and comment. You certainly received a lot of wonderful treasures to play with. Lucky lady! Joyous Wishes, Linda

  4. Wow ! Those are some very sweet gifts you received ! Come on, Miss Muse, get back to work !