Sunday, January 8, 2012

hurry up and wait...

Remember when I told you I was not going to get on the scale?  Well I did, and I am crushed...I knew I would be...Of course I pick the days before my period to do so, [when IS that coming anyways, hmmm.]  Maybe Peri-menopause is slowly creeping to the real deal?  Anywho, I am still in the dreaded 160's... Sure I see changes in my body, and I know, I know, muscle weighs more that fat, whatever...  So, once more I am swearing off the scale, and I am going to take time today, to measure, yes measure.  Because maybe then I won't feel so bad.
But I know what I am doing right, now lets think of what I am doing wrong, the number one thing that came to mind....WATER...
So, on my desk now, my water.  You will also notice my pig timer, for Facebook...15 min 2 times a day, that worked for 1 day...and my fan (hot flashs) my rocks (Rock Fairy) for when I need a reminder, from Sherry.  A truth card (Brave Girl's) also from see I need her inspiration a lot...xo
Ok, so I learned somethings today...  All in good time?!

Which leads me to this.  You may also remember my orchid,  I have never had one bloom the following year, so I have been on watch, to see the beautiful flower unfold.  NOTHING!!!!!  Every day when I pass it, I expect to see it... yep, all in good time....
 I think I see a pattern here.
I was overwhelmed by notes sent to me and replies to yesterdays post.  If I had any doubts about opening up...they are gone now.  Thank you...


  1. I threw my scale out long ago. I won't put myself through the deflation, the disappointment - the misery. Also, my tape measure can't do the trick that my hands do - pinching the flab around my gut and even making a funny face using my belly button as the nose. My kids think it's weird. So - I don't do that anymore either. See, I use comedy to disguise my sadness over any problems I see in myself. That has to stop for 2012 as well. I cannot laugh my way to 120 pounds for sure. Thank goodness God decided I should be at least 5' 8" tall. Long shirts, people, long shirts.

    I hear you on the water. I buy 35 bottle packs at Walmart and keep them stocked in my fridge at all times. Water does help. At least I am not drinking soda pop or heaven forbid, Texas sweet tea. But, I am smart enough to know the piece of Chocolate cake or Twinkie with the water won't help the water do it's job. haha! I am a sugar addict. If I could only cut the sugar out, eat more protein - I would lose the remaining fluff that's hung around for...10 years. My youngest child is almost 10 - I cannot keep saying "Oh it's baby weight". I am pretty sure I would get the "funny stares"....

    Of course you know I am going to say this - Your Orchid will bloom when the time is right. Kind of like us, yes? We'll go through many days, weeks, months of closing up, not wanting to burst through and let out our inner "Orchids" - until one day, without us even knowing - something happens and we'll see the bloom. You are on the right track. I make so many mistakes I have taken to saying "Failing Forward".. and all the days of failing, will lead me to the 1 day of blooming forward. Yes? Are you with me girl? Thinking of you today ~ xo

  2. I didn't mean for that comment to be so long....I am sorry about that! You would think I am long winded or something.
    HUGS!! xo

  3. I got rid of my scale long ago too!! I do have one but it is outside in storage. I get punished enough when I get on the scale at the doctors office. OMG...I don't eat or drink until that appointment is over and off go the shoes and down goes the purse..LOL

    I have a feeling some of the things you are experiencing is menopausal, this can cause so much havic on your mind and body. I was very lucky, only did the night sweats for about a year and hot flashes about the same. It was when my periods went wacko that I did not like. Your hormones are probably going crazy. If I weighed as much as you I would be skinny!!! You must not be real tall. I am 5'6"......With all that you are doing I am sure you are toning up your body, you might be surprised by the measurements. The way I know I am loosing, my clothes get baggy and I think you can honestly feel the loss. I am trying to loose too Kathy, it is a struggle and it has been a struggle all my adult life!!! I need to quit fooling around because I have health problems that would get somewhat better if I lost some weight and that is what I am going to focus on.....

  4. Deb is right about menopausal symptoms...the weight goes in new places you never thought you'd have to be concerned about! The main thing here is - you are doing what you are meant to be doing and that is taking care of your body. So yeah, stepping on the scale...and it is crushing especially when you know you've been doing well, doing the "right" things for yourself. So #s aren't what are important right now. It is how you feel, how fit, how happy, how overall healthy. And remember that your body is going into a change now (when exactly that will happen for good is never easy to predict..the fact that you are waiting for your period is one of the top 5 signs that meno is on her way!) and you can't predict what will happen as you exercise and watch your food intake. It is going to "settle" into new spots. I speak from vast (look at my backside when I see you in a few weeks!) experience.

    As for that's going to bloom in spite of you...which says to me...ain't nothing you can do about it. All those things you want to control and be on top of...this little orchid is a reminder to you that stuff happens with or without you and you are already on the ready to accepting that.

    Be inspired...I feel by the way like I am crowding out that space of yours...but I do like that I am by the pig timer!!! lol!!! xoxo

  5. and yes I meant "road" in my sentence, not "ready". But you are ready to take the road!

    As for the's a must. And you know I loved that you realized you were looking at the wrong end of the stick and moved to the right end. Brava!!!

  6. Debbie, I am 5' 4 "...on a good day! :)
    And Sherry, my desk is massive, there's plenty of room ;)....

  7. Keep going - just a blip :) I lost 1.5lb pounds this week - my first week - only 38.5lb to go!!!