Monday, January 9, 2012

soul work...

OK in the past few days, I have cut back my Facebook time, there was one day in there, that I was on more than off, baby steps...
But, my return to blogging has been so rewarding to me, twofold. (if not more)  I have met new friends and they have shared their stories and warmed my heart, so much.  Now I must be better with replies, I am a bit behind. 
Today I want to show you what I created last night.  Ever since Soul Restoration (Brave Girls) and creating my Truth Book, I wanted a place to keep the quotes and notes that spoke to me,  and of course a home for my truth cards.  Well, I grew out of it.
Look who came in time for the that is a lady bug with lots of spots, maybe she is old and they are age spots?
So last night I created a box to keep my snips of paper and things to re-visit.  I found this old page from a children's book, and I love it.  So I just used the image as the focal point, I dressed this altered box down!  I added a little clip earring for the "knob" and put bingo markers as little feet on the bottom.  It is a good thing I have more boxes, this one will fill up too.  I should have used a bigger box, but this is what I saw when the inspiration hit.

Now I am a bit more organized, and can easily find my inspiration when I need it.  If something is packed away or stored in a place out of the way place, I am not likely to get it out.  Now, I am going to keep them near and I will have them when I need them.  And I haven't altered a cigar box, in way to long...
Have a fantastic Monday...


  1. Lovely that you have created a special keepsake box for all the goodness you found in Soul Restoration! I like the knob choice...and bingo markers for the feet!! Clever, creative you!!!

    You made me laugh with the age spots on the lady bug...but hey, why not, right??? xoxox

  2. I cannot function properly if I'm not super organized!

    Your box is happy I stopped by to see it.
    I'm now following you...and you are most welcome to stop by and poke around my place too, if you like!

    Ciao Bella


  3. Oh don't you love Brene Brown? I love her. I saw that you have her printable on one of your photos. I have that one too :) And, I just got finished posting that I am letting go of Twitter and takes way too much time. I spent all day just "checking" my facebook. I hear you on that girl. Blog, Website & Etsy is all I really need.

    And, you have inspired ME to create my own Brave Girls box. I will go check them out and see what I need to do. Anything with the name "Brave Girls" and "Soul Restoration" is high on my list!!!

    I just love old Children's books and your page is fantastic. It's just beautiful Kathy! Everything you've shown us today is lovely. Age spots for Miss ladybug? Hilarious! I'll remember that every time I see a ladybug now :) xoxo

  4. Thank you for visiting me the other day...I love your Brave Girl box...and I love the Brave Girls...I have a bunch of their inspiring quotes hanging on my wall...happy week to you. xoxo
    ps....your blog is very lovely!

  5. What a great idea and so positive. Love it!

  6. Fantastic! Soul Restoration is a great class, isn't it?!