Thursday, November 3, 2011

a giving heart

As some may remember, by 50th birthday is looming...(18th) Can this be?
Oh the people we meet in blogland, most we will never meet in real life, but they do touch our hearts.  I have a friend, her name is Lesley; she may well be your friend too.  You can find her at Paperlicious Delicious.  She creates amazing artwork, and guess what...I recieved a package from her yesterday. 
In honor of my milestone birthday... I was gifted this beautiful collage and handmade card. She even included some flowers seeds in sweet little packets, all the way from the UK.
the perfect card

close up
Lesley, I thank you from the bottom of my heart.  You generous heart has most certainly warmed mine and at the perfect time as well.  My days have been sad, missing my little furbaby...and this was just the right dose of "love"...I will add this to my wall of friends FABulous artwork, right above my desk, and will think of you and your kindness...every time I see it. xo


  1. Such kindness along with giving....beautiful are so loved by so many...xo

  2. My son calls my blog friends my invisible friends! But, they are the best friends a girl could have. The bloggers I have met are just as you think they are,They have the same personalities as their blogs

    Carol......Happy Early Birthday!

  3. You are very welcome Kathy but naughty to have opened your pressie so early but if it lifts your heart after such a sad time then all is forgiven.

  4. what a beautiful way to celebrate your birthday with such a wonderful trasure from a sweet bloggy friend! hope you have a fabulous weekend! :))

  5. Lesley's work is beautiful and I'm so pleased that she gifted you some of her work and remembered this very special birthday of yours. Friends are the best flowers in life!