Tuesday, November 8, 2011

a new workshop

Hi friends...
I have been a wee bit quiet, kind of still in my artwork, looking for a balance?  A routine?  I don't think I am busy enough to have one.  So I am just trying to be patient and see what is to come next.
I have shut down one Etsy shop, and will shut down my beloved mixed media shop too, soon!  (draggin my feet?)  It feels like the right thing to do, for awhile.
I have a need to create for ME, and will begin that... soon...

I am taking a little workshop, that looked like fun for me... LetterLAB, by Lori Vliegen.
In grade school I was always looking forward to those brand new tablets with the lines to learn cursive writing.  Oh how I loved it, and that is what I remembered when I saw this class offered.  I am a fan of Lori's art, her lettering is fabulous.  So it was a little treat, for me.
I printed out my PDF's and I will take to the deck if it is not to humid today, or the couch cuddled with the dogs... but I will bring back the happy memory of writing...
Have a wonderful day...

1 comment:

  1. Doing something that is "just for you" is excellent. Too often we get caught up in creating where we are doing it with others in mind. It's good to be good to you!!!

    As for learning something new but feeling like it brings back fond memories from your childhood...that can ONLY be good...hope you are enjoying the class!