Tuesday, September 20, 2011

thoughts for a Tuesday...

Have you all given up on me?
I hope not, I have missed checking in on my blogging friends.
I will be heading back home on Monday, for a while.  I will catch up on y'all then...not  any time for blogging right now.
I am happy to say that my dad is doing much, much better after his back surgery.  His hip pain seems to have left him, thank you God.  He is still a bit sore here and there and had some minor issues for men his age...without TMI...lol  Mom is still in the re-hab facility.  We have a family meeting with her case worker on Thursday, so we hope to have a better idea of when she may be home.  She still has much work to do, I am so proud of her, she is giving it her best.  The hip surgery has left that leg shorter than the other, this is hindering her re-hab...so she is getting a piece made for her shoe which should help her.  Another set back yes, but she has done well with any bump in the road.  She is a very determined lady when she needs to be.  Her RA has made her life a hard one, she is my hero... Now if we could get her to eat?!
I miss my hubby so much, and of course my fur babies...spoiled kids.  But hub's has made up for me not being there I know, he is a good man.  So I will leave here with a heavy heart, but I will love to be home for awhile too.  I will come back when I can, and when I am needed.  Mom and Dad know I will do anything I am able to do for them, and that is all I need to remember.  I am so grateful to be able to stay this long, and so thankful I have a very supportive husband.
So I look forward to catching up with all of you soon. xo


  1. You have done wonderful for your Parents and also yourself!!! I am so proud of you....I know how much it means to you to see your Hubby and fur babies soon, but always remember what it has meant to your parents for being there for them....xoxoxoxo

  2. Hi Kathy,
    Things are looking up and thank God they are. You must be so relieved. I hope things keep going well and your parents recoveries continue.
    Take care of yourself too my friend.
    Lesley x

  3. Nope I sure haven't given up on you Kathy!

    Am so pleased that you can head off home soon, hopefully a bit of normality can come your way.

    Look after yourself!

  4. You are right where you have needed to be...and that is all that matters. You have kept in touch as you could but your main focus has been your parents. And know this...I'll never give up on you...no matter what!! ♥