Friday, September 23, 2011

proud of me...

I don't say often, or enough I should say, that "I am proud of me" and what I have learned.  And even more so, what I now "see"..with an unclouded head and a better understanding of myself...
Today I am officially 20 pounds lighter than my highest weight in this 3+ year battle with weight gain. I WILL find a healthy weight for me (I have my goal), as I have worked through anxiety and soul restoration (ongoing process) and allowed myself to try life without anti-depressants, I am doing it and I am so happy I did the work to see if I could do it!!!! I now have my sights on wellness for my body! Many challenges this past year in our lives, but I will tell you, I found a stronger self, I see the lessons that unfolded.


  1. So very proud of you for the all the things you have learned, you have overcome and you are still going strong. You have come through a lot in the time I have known you, seeing the courage and strength you have shown makes you SHINE and me SMILE!!!! xoxoxo

  2. Oh this is awesome news!!! I still have 12 pounds to go and it's really slow. This is a great accomplishment and I'm so PROUD of you--You go, Girl!!!
    Sending ((hugs))) your way,

  3. Kathy you are doing SOOOO well!!! I am so proud of you too and you are right to be proud of yourself. Keep up the good work. You are sounding so positive and confident. Awesome!

  4. Really fills my heart with happiness for you -- that you feel good about you and you are able to say that you are proud of yourself. HUGE milestone Kathy!! ♥

  5. Wow! That is awesome! I wish that some of your willpower would rub off on me! You most certainly should be proud of yourself!!!