Monday, September 5, 2011

hello friends

Well here I am, starting me second week without computer and signal on my cell phone and I have made it through…Still not happy about it…but…is what it is. Even Blogger looks odd to me here, (they may have changed something) I can’t see my “follow” feed…but I have no way to read them anyway. So know I will catch up with y’all when I can. Thanks to all of you, sending me emails and messages via FB, I only see them when I do log on to a computer. So know I am thankful for your prayers and concerns, I feel so bad I can’t reply quickly.

Let’s see, Dad first. He is doing well; I am having the best time spending quality time with him, pampering him and being here for all of his needs. He is getting stronger everyday…we have good talks and I feel blessed to be here for him. He gets his stitches out Tuesday and hopefully (please God) his catheter out Wednesday. He is sooo ready for that to go. He is anxious to see Mom; they do talk a couple times everyday. She even calls here now, GOOD SIGN.

Now Mom, oh this is so hard to know her road is a long one. And she gets down and sad, who wouldn’t. But we want our parents to be happy and worry free…but we all have these trying times. BUT, she is showing such improvement with her attitude and while she still relives the fall and hospital stay, it is less and less. She is smiling more and laughing more. This just is such a blessing. I know she is doing her best to get through this and she is seeing the improvement she is making. She is eating better and just progressing…small steps, but I will take them. I do find the lessons/blessings in this situation, I love the quiet moments we have, talking and just letting each other know how much we love each other. These are things that go unsaid sometimes… I am taking advantage of all of this. I dearly love my mom and dad, and even though I live far away, in our hearts we couldn’t be closer. While I was at home, consumed with fear based thoughts, I prayed a lot and asked God to please show me the lessens I am to learn, I didn’t fell anything then, I do now. In his time, not mine, right?

I miss my husband and puppies and my home, my art as this is my escape when I am stressed…but I will be back there soon. And I know that this is where I belong right now, I am so thankful for a loving, understanding hubby…

As I end this, I hear Dad downstairs talking on the phone to his wife, and he is laughing, music to my ears… blessings to each and every one of you who will read this, xo


  1. I'm so glad to hear things are looking up for your parents, Kathy. That's a lot to have both of them down at the same time. You are a beautiful daughter!

    By the way, love your new blog look, nicely done :) and, I've missed you!

  2. This just makes me so happy for all of you. You know, now that your dad has had his much needed surgery and he is mending, you will see even more improvement in your mother. She will have been worried about him...and his surgery was planned before her fall...much of her moods over these weeks could be guilt...that she was afraid her fall would have prevented his surgery...but now that both have been taken care of, they are both working to the same goal...of being together again in one piece. THAT will go a long way to improvements and recovery. Add that you are there and they are sharing quality time with you -- each of them, separately? That's just win win for all of you!!! ♥

  3. I so agree with Linda, a beautiful daughter in deed!!! I also agree with Sherry, with your Dad advancing and improving it will give your Mom the incentive and determination to get herself back home with him. So wonderful to hear that your quality time with both your parents have made an impact on you and knowing in your hearts you are so very close no matter what the miles between you are!!! I am so up lifted reading your posts because I see a much improved Kathy dealing with a very difficult situation but doing it with such grace and love!!! You shine Kathy, you shine brightly!! xo

  4. So glad to hear that they are both improving in every way. This will be a very special memory for all of you!

  5. I do hope that your parents continue to get well Kathy, but you take it easy too, we sometimes forget to look after ourselves as we get consumed in looking after others.

    Take care,

  6. You sound much more upbeat today Dear Kathy, and I am so glad to hear of the improvements being made by your lovely parents. Be kind to yourself too!!