Wednesday, August 24, 2011

my soul friend...and fabulous artist

Sherry made this for me.
As my heart has been so heavy with my family worries, I haven't let myself smile much, or be is hard when you are bogged down in fear.  But I will tell you that when I opened this package, my heart leaped.  And when I saw it, and read it, I just cried, but very happy tears.  How can I love and trust this woman who I have never met in person?  Well, if you are lucky enough to have her in your life, you already know.  I am blessed, to have you in my life Sherry...and I will treasure this gift of your heart...always.  I have taken a picture and used it as my wallpaper on my phone, this way, I can have you with me...when I go home.
Now let me show you...
Sometimes it is uncanny as to how much Sherry "knows" me, we have had many chats about many things...but when I read the words, I knew she was reminding me of some of those chats, in this artwork.
And one touching element is this page from the secret garden, highlighting the word Yorkshire...this is where Sherry's grandfather was from.  Using a piece of sentimental ephemera brings another element to the finished piece.  I love that part to.
Every time I look at it I smile, and feel loved.  And feel YOU...
The colors are yummy, the frilly dress...please, so me!  And the you!  The whispers of the perfect.  I will always love it and cherish the message...and the words on the have made my day!

Sherry's words... the meaning behind the canvas.
-- "The dress and the shoes are by Joanna Pierotti -- when I saw them I thought of you -- your love of antiques and old things, love of family and the past and what the past means to you. Butterflies are the future as you take flight towards new dreams, new goals, new meanings and the dandelions are little wishes I am blowing for you."


  1. Kathy, I am SO glad that this arrived before you leave for your trip home. I am so glad that you love it and that the meaning is truly there for you. I meant every word, every layer and every meaningful piece that was applied to this canvas. Souls always find a way to touch!!! ♥

  2. Wow!! This is so beautiful!!! I too love Sherry!! She is a super special gal! Someone I will always be grateful to have "met" here in cyberspace! This piece is for sure a special one. I love it!


  3. Kathy, what a beautiful message from Sherry's heart.....So very glad that your two souls crossed paths and became soul mates!! It is such a blessing to have someone in your life like this. And....beautiful art work, just beautiful!!I am so glad Sherry made you smile!!! I hope that Sherry has give you the lift you needed!! Bless you Sherry and bless you Miss Kathy!!!

  4. How wonderful! What a dear friend indeed!

  5. Hi Kathy, I'm just stopping by to say thank you so much for the wonderfully supportive comment you left on my post ~ it means so much to us!