Friday, August 26, 2011

a long wait

This has been one of the longest waits that I think I have experienced in a very long time.  Thinking back, maybe the wait to see Steve come home from oversea deployments, might be a close runner up...but that was ages
Since Mom fell 2 weeks ago and broke her hip, this has been an emotional roller coaster.  For all of us...I decided to stay put until Sunday, as my Dad is also having back surgery Monday.  He wanted to put it off, and I think still struggles with it, but he is in pain and has been for way to long...thanks to healthcare in this country...but finally was able to have his MRI and get his answer to the pain.
I have been waiting and wondering, once I am able to see for myself and see my parents, I know I will feel better and be ready to do everything I can to help.  I have held most of this in, didn't want to chat on Facebook much because I knew Dad might be upset knowing how upset I was...although, he knows.  Dad's know...
Last week brought a set back for mom, she wasn't able to put weight on her leg that was effected by the break, her re-hab was painful so a trip to the surgeon and x-rays showed 2 more stress fractures.   Mom has Osteoporosis and this is the cause. I am afraid this will be a lengthy re-hab and I am just praying and praying she will be able to stay focused and get past the fears of being in a skilled care and be able to do the things she must do.  I am fearful that I will be away from home, miss my husband and not have him to lean on.  I know there are many life lessons in this experience and I think finding my way, might just be one of them.  Living this far from them, will be so hard.  I just can't stop my mind from projecting ahead and I know that does no good, at all!!!!  So praying also for me, for the strength and guidance to be able to do just that.
I am not sure how this will play out, I know it is all in God's hands, but at least the time is approaching that I can be there...I hope the rest just falls into place.


  1. This has been a long wait for you. Sunday will be here before you know and you will be there and you will see and be able to participate and do whatever needs to be done for both of your parents. And yes, life experiences, things we are meant to go through and what that teaches us -- we never know where there is going to take us. But if we are open to all of the possibilities all kinds of discoveries will be made. Travel safely and you know you are in my thoughts and in my prayers...all of you. ♥

  2. Hugs to you. my friend. Sending healing thoughts your way & wishing them both a speedy recovery

  3. Bless you and your family, Kathy! I can only imagine the pain you've gone through the past couple of weeks not being able to see your parents with your own eyes! The wait is almost over. May God watch over you as you travel, and protect your Mom, Dad, and hubby. Sending you BIG ((((hugs!))))

  4. You've surely got a lot on your plate Kathy. I'm far away from my Mom too, and it does weigh heavy on my heart so many times. They will be so glad to have you with them. Sending big {{{hugs}}} and lots of prayers for all of you.

  5. Well my Dear your wait is nearly over....I am sure you are busy doing your last minute packing and things around the house. I am sure your arrival will be welcomed with open arms and hugs!You will be busy but you will be so much support for your parents and your Sis. Your rock will still be your Hubby but you will have to settle for the phone. Just remember you have so many friends that love you and would gladly lend an ear. Sending you many hugs and much love Kathy!! Please keep us updated and I will still be sending prayers....xoxoxo