Tuesday, August 23, 2011

fun art supply

Remember the old plastic doily's of days gone by?  Yep, ugly...but a great art tool.

In taking She Art by Christy Tomlinson, in one of her videos, she used one of these doily's.  So my first instinct was to look on Etsy, my 1st go to place to shop.  But found none, so Ebay it was...and I found lots.  And boy do these listings soar in price.  I guess many people use them for art or something I may not know about yet?  I missed out on a few becuase the price was a bit much for me, and holy cow....some of these sellers and inflated shipping...what?  But I did finally win a lot of 3 doily's.
This journal isn't finished yet, but I added some paint to modelling paste and used the doily as a stencil.  I like it...
I will be looking in thrift stores for more...but for now my 3 will do fine.  So easy to clean too, toss in water with your brushes, done!


  1. I can well imagine the price of these plastic doilies...things we took for granted when our mother's had them! I'm loving this piece so far Kathy -- the colours, the texture from the doily stencil and the bird with faith...gorgeous!

  2. Beautiful as always Kathy.....I loved what using a plastic doily did when she showed us. I will have to get some soon. August has been a poor month for me but hopefully soon. I did check Ebay a while back and you are right, inflated prices......love your artwork!!