Monday, August 22, 2011

air freshner rant

So all I am seeking is a yummy smelling house. With 3 dogs I am always sniffing when I come in, and thinking can I smell dog?.  Most of the time no, I don't .  But then I think am I just used to the "aroma"?  My dogs are clean and I vacuum like a mad woman...but still...
So I try,

and while the candle is my favorite and most lasting to me...only while lit.  And there is my problem..I fear not blowing a candle out, or leaving the house with a candle burning (I have done it...)
So lately, I have searched and purchased many products promising a nice fresh smelling home.  Not so much...
I find the Yankee oils that you plug in to be the top runner, but they are empty way to soon.  I buy the cones, and they dry up quickly...and not so much fragrance.  The only products I do not have much experience in, are the reeds and oils. 
So my friends, I ask you.  What do you find the best, and what do you buy?


  1. I have no pets...just smelly teenagers!!! ROFL!! It's their shoes that will do it! I've never been one for air fresheners and plug ins. Candles I love but as you said, they need to be lit to be effective. I have tried the oils and reeds and they're okay -- I think they only last so long, even when there is still oil in the bottle. Lampe Berger is apparently a really good product. I bought one for my friend for their 25th anniversary (she had admired it when we were out one day and we had a demo) but I never did get one myself. They are $$$ but apparently they work. I also use febreeze when I want to make things fresher.

  2. I forgot all about owning one of these: Lampe It was wonderful when I bought the "good" oil, I need to get some more :)

  3. Hi Kathy,

    I love the glade plug-ins and I got them at Dollar General--yay! The scent is Hawaiian breeze and it really works. I have tons of Yankee Candles, but they don't seem to work in a house with high ceilings...But, the best thing of all??? it's a warmer we bought at Hobby Lobby by Scentsationals and there are these little wax squares that burn on top of it...the Cinnamon and brown sugar is amazing--it gives aroma to the whole house! They sell it online too because I've bought it from their website too.

  4. Hey Kathy....I am going to be moving out of my booth and I have two tart burners in there, if no one bought them. I am going to use one for myself and I would gladly love to give you one. All I would ask for is shipping cost...They are small and they are ceramic. Like Cindy said you can buy those squares of wax and they work great. I want to do that because they are so safe to use. I am going to town today to pick up Jim's granddaughter and we are going to get some stuff out of my booth. I would love for you to have one if you would like it, other wise I would just have to store it.....xoxoxo

  5. I Love my Scentsy... its a burner that burns little wax squares. Their brand is da bomb with great scents that are not perfumey ( which gives me headaches) My favs are the fruity scents during summer and more "sugar Cookie, Gingerbread, etc...during winter.