Sunday, June 26, 2011

art filled weekend

Oh this is what I like, a weekend (or any old couple of days) of art, and just creating...ok, a bit of cleaning here and there.  And a meal or two...mainly me and my art table and bliss....I completed 4 or 5 pieces and have more backgrounds ready to go.  I have been thoroughly enjoying this new direction.
What was I up to? She Art...
Some background photos
Oh the backgrounds were so fun, once I got going.  I am still very intimidated at looking at a brand new white canvas.  The paper technique is not new to me, so that was easier to over come, but all the layers...eeeekkkk.  It was fun to try some new things, and new products.  As the spray dye, and india inks...messy fingers, but fun!
 So fascinating how the "girls" personalities come together so quickly...and you really get a feel for the direction you want to go.  At this point, I was so excited, but once I started with the do-dad's and the shading...oh and the hair, how could I forget the hair...that is the best part, and once that is done these girls come alive.
I was so happy to hear my friends tell me they liked my She Art.  It is a bit daunting to put some new stuff out there, when you have a usual style...and most are used to seeing that!  But come on, it is GREAT to move onward and best of all, try something new....  I have 3 for sale in my Etsy shops, one I gifted to my friend Linda (she loved it and said it spoke to her, all I needed to hear) and the chunky 6 by 6 canvas with the girl in the pink dress I had to keep.  SHE spoke to ME....
And if you know know I have a haunting/ethereal side to my art , so I had to make a "dark" girl...had too.


  1. I love them all! Each one is darling...and I knew you would make masterpieces! they are so addicting! :)

  2. I like how you've discovered that each "she" has her own personality and how they come together. Wonder if I'll ever get off my butt and do some and if I'll discover that too? Love them -- they are each unique!!!

  3. I'm lovin' your new She Art...simply fab! And isn't it such great fun to layer and layer and layer up a background? I think that's often my favorite part.

    I love the new look to your blog too. So fresh and crisp and really lets the art shine!

    Hugs to you, my sweet!

  4. Hi Kathy,
    love your she art!!! Great backgrounds too.TFS.
    Have a great week.

  5. Hi Kathy,
    How spectacular, my friend!!! I love these--WOW!!!
    Wishing you a wonderful day!!


  6. Wow, those are fabulous! You comment on my wallpaper covered suitcase.....Oh, I don't even know how you could use the real thing! But, what are we saving the good stuff for anyway! What a find a vintage wallpaper book!


  7. I love all of your girls Kathy! I have one word for you, "WINNING"...LOL seriously friend, when you dive into something, you are UNSTOPPABLE! Keep up the great work!

  8. How fun! Sounds like you stepped out of your usual creative comfort zone and really took off! Love your girls, can't pick a favorite, they are all so pretty:)

  9. I know what you mean about our 'she' girls having their own personalities. I sold one of mine recently and it was a tug at the old heart strings to let her go as part of me was in her.
    These ladies are gorgeous Kathy.