Friday, June 24, 2011

a chicken rant

So lately I have been slacking a bit in cooking, it is so hot here...that is ONE of my excuses.  Another is my hubby has started cooking as well, he likes it and is pretty good at it...I must say.  So I decided, I am cooking a nice dinner, let me stuff a chicken and have the works.
Let me go buy my chicken...
Have you really looked at the nutrition labels on 100% natural chickens?  Guess what, all injected...with natural broth, but this natural broth is 15, 16, 18% FAT!  They had 3 brands, all the same problem.  I asked the meat department man...yep, this is all we have.  So I go to another store, same thing...WTH?  So I guess I will add roasted chicken, to the list of things I stay away from.
Yep, still having this:

but for the fat content...I could have this:


  1. oh be still my heart!!!! And I don't mean from the clogged arteries from the fat!!! I would so go for the dessert over the chicken!! lol!!

    What really annoys me is how things are "masked" -- we have to look at label after label and it "shouldn't" be that way. Even with organic and natural you still need to read the labels to be sure.

    Lucky duck....I wish my man would do more cooking!!! :)

  2. wow - I new they injected junk but didn't realize just how much. I hope you enjoyed your dinner anyway :D

  3. Kathy, have you checked with FreshMarket in Mandeville? They might tell you over the phone, if you don't head down that way often. They seem to be big on natural and organic.