Wednesday, June 29, 2011

road trip

 Who can read these words and NOT think of the Grizwald's? 

It is time for a road trip, going to Pa. to see mom and dad. It is a long drive but hubby likes to drive...I am not much of a flyer so this works for me too.  I have to board the dogs (2 of them) and that is always sad and stressful for me.  And them...Little Bella will come with us, to save a bit of money and keep her from the cage at the vet. (I understand their policy of letting them out 3 times a day, but I hope to never have to use it. )  But Cisco and Rocky will share a big run, and this works best for them.  Bella is to small to risk being with them in the run, Cisco gets excited and is a moose... squish...
I will love to spend time with mom and dad, they have had their share of health issues this past few months and I have worried so much about them, and wished I could be there...we have talked about that here before.  So I will take this time and cherish it and help to do as much as I can to help them out. 
I have some books downloaded on my Nook, (didn't know once they were downloaded, you did NOT need wi-fi to use it...DUH. So I will have full acess to it while traveling and once we get there.  yay... downloading some more tunes to my playlists today...I should be set.
Lets just hope the healthier eating habits I have acquired, do not go by the wayside and lead to a full on "fall of the wagon..." can you see me stuffin Twinkies in my mouth at the rest stops....gosh, hope not.
Be well my friends, see you soon....


  1. Road Trip -- two of my favourite words!!! I know how much you are looking forward to seeing your parents (and that they are looking forward to seeing you!), and being able to do things for them, with them and just spend time together. I also know how hard it is for you to board your babies...and taking the littlest one with you makes sense.

    Safe travels...and the odd twinkie is a treat...a dozen is too much!! Always find that happy medium!!! ♥

  2. I am so glad the time has finally arrived and you start your journey to unite with your parents. I feel how bad you hate to board your dogs....I have been there before. But taking Bella will help with that. I just want you to know you made my Birthday a special one!!! I was so excited to recieve the goodies. I sat out by the hen house yesterday watching the chickies and looked at all my special things in the package, I am in heaven!!! Many thanks Dear Kathy you are always in my heart and have a safe and enjoyable trip. BTW....I cheated on my trip, Carmel Flavored Bugles!!!! YIKESSSS...but it was fun!!! ***GRIN*** Love ya xoxoxoxo

  3. I have loved road trips since I was a kid. Enjoy your family and have a safe fun trip. And one twinkie is ok!!

  4. I hope that you are enjoying your vacation Kathy and cherishing those times with your Mon and Dad.

  5. LOL! I love them!!! Let us not forget Aunt Bethany from Christmas vacation! Hope you have a safe trip!