Saturday, March 19, 2011


How on earth can it be I have not visited my blog in so long?  My hope was to visit everyday...oopsie!

Week 4 of Weight Watchers, and although I AM losing, I am struggling.  I have lost nearly 5 pounds, but last week stayed the same...Old habits are coming back and I am beating myself up a bit, all things I KNOW better..than to do....It has taken about 3 years to gain this weight and I am not young lady I guess I learn to be tolerant and forgiving to my body.  I am staying within the guidelines, but somewhere...something is happening.  I guess water intake, and not enough vegetables.  I am changing up a few we will see this coming Tuesday.


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  1. Metabolism changes as we get older; and it makes it harder for us to break down the fats already in the body. So I love that you know the weight didn't go on "over night" and you are not the age you were when you put it on. Add to that our bodies as we reach this next stage (menopause) begin to "store" fat and use it to protect our hearts because we lost estrogen. So it's not as much about what you are doing or not doing -- it is accepting that your body is changing....

    I know, down off the soapbox!!! hee!!!

    As for not beating yourself up about old habits coming back in -- just wait until you get to this segment in Soul Restoration!!! :)