Saturday, March 19, 2011


I can not begin to tell you how much my girlfriends mean to me as I approach the big 50.  Something changes...well we all know that, don't we.  But a good thing is the relationships you hold close to your heart.  This crew here... are my friends from Shell Oil, my "family" here in Louisiana.  We transferred here with our husbands and early on, Shell had great meetings and luncheons for us to we did.  This is our core group of many, but we have tried to get together, although not enough...and we say that all the time.
We try to get together and go to dinner for a girls night out, but this time we incorporated painting, my new love.  Mary is my new friend, she teaches Art Therapy classes and I went to one at Hobby Lobby, remember I told y' she was nice enough and BRAVE enough to come to my house for a house party.  We had a blast, well aside from one...Cindy...she knows who she is.  We will NOT make Cindy paint, ever again....
This is what we painted, and old New Orleans house, this is my finished painting.

Here are some pictures from our fun night.

Bridgette and Joanne
Pat and Cindy
Cindy and Lori
Our teacher Mary
Jill and me
Cindy, the one who was not liking the painting....

Lori and her beautiful plants, lol

 We had the best time, it was crowded in my kitchen, and Mary had a hard time checking on us, to many chairs and stuff!!!  Precious memories to you all~


  1. That is the best kind of time...too many chairs, and stuff..and probably too much laughing and joking and sharing.

    I love that Shell made it possible for you to make new friends, to create a family within your circle. Transplanting to a new "home" and leaving your family and friends to start a new venture with the man you love must have been extremely difficult. I'm glad that you have found something to make you feel connected.

    Sounds like a great group of women...even if Cindy didn't get her groove on with the painting!! :)

  2. I'm so happy that you have discovered the joys of painting. It has been a great pleasure in my life for years. Sharing it with friends just makes the experience that much richer.

    We have several artists in this area of LA that are going from house to house hosting painting parties like yours.