Saturday, March 5, 2011


I went to my first return weigh in last Tuesday, so sorry it took me so long to come and report...I have NO EXCUSE.  I am still trying to get to the daily blogging...oh the promises I make to myself....

OK, I digress....back to the weigh in.  I was happy lose 2.8 pounds my fist week.  But if I am totally honest (accountable to my feelings) I felt a bit of disappointment, I hoped for more.  This week I will go Monday, as Tuesday is Fat Tuesday in these parts, Mardi Gras....So I am afraid the loss of a day will make a difference....I know silly me!  I find it a bit frustrating in figuring out the new points plus...but it is getting easier.  I will share more, very soon....

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  1. i'm so proud of you!!
    it takes such committment to eat healthy and continue to eat healthy.

    right now i'm going through a major clinical depression and the doc's trying to get my added med to the right strength to help my "i'm already on an anti-depressant for clinical depression and (added later) fibromyalgia" med.
    so far it's not up there high enough - trust me on that. LOL

    i'm proud of you.

    i'm in michigan and will be leaving for home in about a week. on the way up i drove through la. and miss. - close to you:)