Saturday, February 19, 2011


I was thrilled to see that my local Hobby Lobby was now offering Art Therapy ears perked up when I saw my friend post the link on Face book.  I have always wanted to know what it is like to paint and I have so many art friends who do.  I immediately clicked ATTENDING.
Our project image
 So I went minus my friend who was out of town, off I got to Hobby Lobby and who do I see, but my friend Jill.  The teach was so nice and we had the best time.  Mind you, other that paint by number, I am so ignorant at how to paint, and a bit tense when I looked at the big white, blank canvas...
Here is my friend Jill:
And me,
Having so much fun and learning....and chatting...and just thrilled to be there.  The class was to be from 10-12, but we ended up staying until a bit after 2:00, lol.
This is my finished canvas....I did work on it a bit more at home...after buying many NEW art supplies.....
I enjoyed this so much, that I booked the teacher Mary, and she will be coming to my house and teaching 4 of my friends for our next Girls Night Out...I will be sure to post photos of that....


  1. I love your's Kathy, how awesome is that, and how neat she'll come to your house. How far is it from Daytona to N.O. area? :)

  2. Oh honey this is fabulous! For sure. You will have to frame it and hang it as it is so cheery and fun to look at. Enjoy your new found passion!

  3. this looks so fun Kathy and the painting you created is awesome! the colors are so fun! :) Hope you have a wonderful Sunday!