Tuesday, February 22, 2011


 Well, I did it, walked into a meeting at Weight Watchers this morning, with my friend Lori.  Accountable, to ourselves and each other... the journey begins.

Am I worried I won't do it?  Heck no...I know I will.  I have done it before and will again.  IF, it was the anti-depressant drugs, that is no longer a worry.  I will not fully blame the drugs, I have gotten lazy about my eating, and exercise...ebb and flow....all good, no regrets...but ready to work my ass off, literally!
There are a lot of changes in the WW program, new things to learn and fruits are free!!!!! yay....
I will add that this is the highest my weight has been since my weight loss over 20 years ago..I was stunned to see the number, but it was reality! Stay tuned...more to come.

And by the way, I am feeling so much better with the withdrawal from Cymbalta.  it was a bit of a struggle, wasn't expecting that.  But I am sticking with my belief that this is the time for me to try and be free from the drug....and I am so hoping that I will not have to return to them.  I have been feeling lots of emotion in the recent days, in a good way.  The dull, flat feelings are leaving...and real emotion is once again showing in my soul!  It feels right....I feel JOY!


  1. you go Girl, you can do this...i am still working on me. hugs, Mary

  2. Good luck Kathy!! you can do it! I lost over 16lbs at weight watchers!

  3. Being off Cymbalta is a great feeling. I have been off of it for about 3 months now and am doing well. Good luck on WW, wish you all the best.

  4. you ARE joy to me!!

    i take 180 mg. of cymbalta daily for my fibromyalgia.
    it's a load but at least, that combined with the 75 mg. of lyrica, i can get out of bed.
    not a lot of energy but i don't think that's the drug as i've been on a MUCH lower dose of C. over the years for depression.

    anyway, enough of that.
    like i said, you are joy to me:)