Tuesday, February 15, 2011


I had a sort of epiphany today while on my walk.  I have not been ACCOUNTABLE to me...myself...the only person I should really be accountable to.  I guess I have known this for a long time...but today it hit home.  So I came home and thought a bit about it, and decided to try to really be accountable, to myself.

Oh my goodness, I have been singing this song for (3) years.  But I am re focused now since I have almost completely weaned off the Cymbalta. I have been walking since Steve's re-hab began, my eating has been pretty good! But I am taking another stab at Weight Watchers and the points system...I know this works, I have done this for years...I could teach it to others....but I have not been accountable.  I will let you know my progress....


  1. Weight is hard. Especially with Steve not being home all the time and not wanting to cook for one. Sandwiches on the run are made just for that. I started the Pilates Reformer, one class and that was it. The mat was to hard on the spine so that was it. I have to get my eating under control. I hope summer will bring the drive for lite salads and fruit. You've come far my friend, adding the painting may do the trick. Paint instead of eat! Hugs to ya!

  2. Good Kathy, you echo my emotions. I know where the problem is, it's not with any diet or health issue, it's me......yep, me. I really love food, I pretty much think I'm an alcoholic on carbs.