Saturday, January 1, 2011


Ok, so maybe some of you remember I said "this year I will get back to blogging".  And I am very hopeful to do so.  Here I am day 1 of the New Year.
Ok so I decided that every Saturday I will share a silly photo... I love to search for funny things and we all need to laugh more...


  1. i say starting off the new year with sillyness is totally brilliant! hhmmm maybe I need to start a weekly thing too...gotta put my thinking cap on....

  2. Hey darlin'!
    That is hysterical---thanks for sharing! And yes, my Texan is quite the real thing. LOL Glad to hear you love my beautiful part of the country...humidity and all! xo...deb

  3. Now THAT is funny!!!! Happy New Year my sweet friend!