Monday, January 3, 2011


This is another resolution I have tried to get into the practice through out the years, but this year....I am trying again.  I like the idea of journaling but sometimes I do not know what to journal about.  My anxiety causes racing thoughts and sometimes they are hard to 'filter" through.  I was looking for a Gratitude journal, but came up I make myself a journal to use.
This is a photograph of my maternal grandma and her sister.  I love this photo...and I like the way the journal turned out.  While I was out shopping yesterday I came across a gratitude journal that I loved.  the pages were in a list form and them the other page for your own words, it was 24.00 and the cover was not what I wanted.  So what to do?  I took a pic of the page and I created a bookmark for MY journal with the prompts on it.
These are great thought provoking questions, or prompts.  I am so happy I found this book, if not to borrow the idea of it.  Happy journaling~


  1. Beautiful journal...just perfect. Thanks for your kind words over at my blog :) Happy New Year sweet friend!!

  2. what a lovely idea. I love that you've made it your own. A very happy, creative new year to you.

  3. Charming! I hope your journaling goes welL!