Monday, April 2, 2012

My little new (old) step stool

Remember this?
After a nice coat of paint from Home Depot...they sell itty bitty jars of paint, any color for under 3.00.  Who knew?  I chose a yellow color and wondered if I would be happy with it...and I must say, yes, yes I am.  I then used the sander a bit and added a bit of dark stain.  Easy peacy...
So now I have a "vintage like" step stool, in my kitchen.
Of course, this is a very modern style stool, so you can only do so much.
Off to see what else I can paint this wonderful yellow color.


  1. You did a GREAT job with this! It looks so different aged and distressed and while it is a "modern" style you've given it a charming vintage feel. What else can you paint??? :)

    I had heard that Home Depot did that from a Jeanne Oliver class I took and she mentioned it. Great for crafts, never mind trying to decide on a colour to paint a wall with (I have a feeling I'm going to be getting myself a LOT of those $3 paint pots!! lol!!)

  2. Dear Kathy, Your step stool looks fabulous! You did a beautiful job and it looks perfect in your lovely kitchen! Lowe's has those little pots of paint for $3 too. They are great for painting small pieces! Have fun with the rest of your yellow paint! xo~ Paula

  3. I like it! it looks fabulous. The yellow was inspired!

  4. Your stool is awesome! Looks old, but you know it'll hold up to you using it... thats exactly what I need lol I must look for one-- just like yours :-P