Wednesday, March 28, 2012

how we try to convince ourselves

So, I have been on my working out, watching what I eat plan for a good while.  I am happy, I have lost weight.  But I feel I have hit a wee road block.
I think I have myself convinced that my body is "used to" walking the treadmill.  I have to go up from 3.5 to sweat and feel my heart rate going up.  I am doing jogging, 3 times now during the 30 minutes.  And I am varying the cardio equipment.  Trying to hear what my body is telling me.  I also took a Ballet Fitness class on Friday (my new class for Fridays in place of Yoga), WOW...and I promised myself to try another class next week.

Now we come to food.  I have had a bit more of this and more of that, these past 2 weeks. I have tightened up again, and we will see if this gets the job done.  I will not give up my yummy coffee creamers in the morning.  And I have iced coffee most afternoons, just 1.  I use 1% milk and Splenda with my coffee shot.  But lately, I have been using low fat CHOCOLATE milk... I know....
So this is what I am trying to switch too...
I am trying to like this...
This is my second carton, I bought the vanilla this time, sweeter, but when I add the coffee concentrate, I need a half of a packet of Splenda.  And darn it, I want to kick the Splenda to the curb...
But, if this is all I consume, that is better than nothing.  Do you enjoy this stuff?  Or Soy milk?
Still not sure if there will be a third purchased.


  1. You are braver than me ! I am not in a very good place when it comes to being healthy right now, but even when I was, I refused to give up my half and half in my coffee in the morning. I only drink 2 cups and I just want to enjoy it !
    I hope you find something that satsifies and that is good for you !
    BTW - I tagged you in a fun meme on my blog if you feel like taking part. Check it out at No Obligation, only if you feel like it !

  2. If you want to dump the splenda try using something natural like agave (you can get it at the health food store). It's a natural sweetener.

    I think our bodies do "plateau" with exercise so we need to mix it up as you are doing to keep the muscles "surprised" and to keep the metabolism charged. I'm really impressed with how you have taken this and made it your lifestyle. I've told you before and I'll say it again. You inspire me!

  3. Well I am one who does not like milk unless it is chocolate and that is not often because I just don't like milk. My older sister swears by the Almond Milk but since I do not like Milk I won't waiste my money. I am a tea drinker so I don't need milk for that just an artificial sweetner. If I drink coffee I use the good coffee creamers because I usually only have one cup when I drink it. I tried soy milk one time and I thought I was going to gag....So I am not a good one to ask about this stuff. I am so proud that you have been keeping up with the exercising and making it routine in your life. I can't wait to get out and walk when this rain goes away. Ground is too wet, in fact I fell the other night going outside when it was raining to shut the garden gate. I didn't get hurt, just all muddy!! LOL

  4. We don't get any of these choices over here. I just stick to my fruit teas or tea or coffee with 1% milk. I do indulge in low fat instant hot chocolate once a day though...but lately I have been eating biscuits with that and suddenly found a chocolate bar in my hand the other how did that get there???