Monday, March 19, 2012

Grandmother's Buttons

"In 1995, the couple bought and restored St. Francisville's grand and historic 1905 bank building, opening a retail store downstairs and moving their workshop and studio upstairs. The bank, with its imposing 16-foot ceilings, carved oak paneling and mosaic tile floors, made for a dramatic retail space. One year later, they transformed the original bank vault into a tiny and jam-packed Button Museum."
 This little guy, was the guard...
There is a lot to see in this shop, one where you keep your hands close to your body, just take a wallet or wristlet...oh yes, I have learned the hard way.  Big purses, knock things over...and help you to invade someones personal space in a tight area.


  1. what a unique idea for a museum...and I love the greeter!!

    I know what you mean about small purses or wristlets in places like this. A number of the antique/flea malls that we went to on our trip allowed no purses...some places provided lockers for your use and others suggested you leave your bag in the car. Of course they are thinking about theft but it also occurred to me that you could cause damage with a large bag. I just took to taking my personal things (wallet, passport) in my jeans pockets and not even bothering with a bag. At first it felt "strange" and then I realized how freeing it was -- I had both hands to use to look and I wasn't worried about it swinging around and crashing into something.

  2. Hi Kathy,
    I love buttons and that is interesting about the small purses and wristlets. This looks like a fabulous place. I hope you are doing well...We've had such nice weather, but I've been sick for 3 weeks--not fun! I wanted to go to the French Quarter for St. Patrick's Day. I'm just glad that our parade here for the parish is on April 1...I better be well by then. Hope you're doing great!!

  3. I've never heard of a button museum, how fun! I remember as a little girl spending hours playing in my mom's button box! I still love beautiful buttons:)

  4. Great pictures, I do love Buttons...Hugs, mary

  5. i looove collections of buttons!
    what a PRECIOUS place this is.