Friday, March 23, 2012

a bit of a binge

oh I could say so much about eating and food addictions.  But I like to think I am on a new path now, well...I know I am on a new path.
Sometimes, I still get a craving for a "sweet" so I will allow myself a little piece of something.
Ravenous at the grocery last week, I desired chocolate, I now only want real chocolate, 70%.  So I bought a bar, and then I thought mmmm, cookies sound good.  So I remembered seeing an ad for these, perfect, healthy cookies.  But are they?
This box was gone in 2 days.  They are yummy...and while they are "good" for you, still a red light food for me...stay my plan. 
And to be honest, after indulging in these and the chocolate bar and a bit of an eating frenzy...I felt sluggish, tummy troubles, and a wee bit disappointed with old behaviors.
Back on track...onward...


  1. Oh goodness. You & me both. Here we are, doing our very best. But, yes, old patterns die so hard. I simply can't make it through the week without feeling like I am "missing" something good. Like a Reese's Peanut Butter Cup. Or, that disgustingly delicious 1,000 calorie Muffin with glaze at the local deli. Or a frozen snicker bar with a huge glass of milk. {I have to drink Almond Breeze, uugh}

    I think we are allowed a tiny indulgence every once in a while. I admit I felt the same way you did after I had that Little Debbie - like I had partaken in the forbidden fruit somehow, and tummy troubles.

    Here's to realizing that we are both only human!
    As Winston Churchill once said, and I quote - "When you're going through Hell, keep going!!"

    Happy weekend my friend :)

  2. I continue to fight food addiction...sometimes I do really well, and then something clicks and I am back to bad habbits. I have never been one to eat alot, but I do eat the wrong things. I think healthy and eat is not good. I understand the trap, but seem to walk right in. be good to you, mary

  3. Too funny! I'm right there with you. I stopped opening the goody cabinet door once and for all...out of sight out of mind. So very tempting!

  4. Maybe a bit of a binge, but sounds like you got a good lesson and some learning out of it. You are awesome, Lady !

  5. I am right off the rails at the moment and can't seem to be able to get back on.....I admire your strength of will - and a small lapse is good from time to time I think - but not a long lapse like I'm having at the moment (sigh!)
    Keep going!You are inspiring!