Tuesday, February 7, 2012

so excited...

So, I am eagerly anticipating the arrival of my Canadian chica...my soul friend [I like to call her] the one and only Sherry Smyth....You would think the Queen herself is coming.  I can hardly stand it...
I am not even sure how long I have known Sherry.  It feels like in some way I have known her forever.  I met her online of course, through her blog.  Many of you know her and love her.  It is easy, she is the best.  I can't begin to tell you how she has helped me find my way.  She is more than my friend, she is my mentor in many ways.  How can you love someone whom you have never laid eyes on?  Well, it is easy.  In this day of technology... it is not as unusual I guess.  But back in the days of our early friendship, there was no Facebook...now there is and it is a great way to keep up with our friends.

Sherry and her hubby Al, are driving from Canada...for a 2 week adventure.  She was planning a trip to Florida and made the decision to take a jog over to Louisiana to meet me.  I am so happy, I know it is so out of the way...but I am humbled that they would take this detour.  We will only have 1 day (tomorrow), but I bet we fill that day with wonderful memories...no matter what we do!  I can't wait to lay eyes on her...and just "be".  She has taught me to just "be"...I am learning...This is defiantly a "bucket list" entry... I am a happy girl.  Can I still say girl?  YES, I can. xo

As you might see, I removed the sidebar for the Photo of the Day...I feel bad, but I wasn't fully embracing it and if the weather permits, we will be leaving for a trip North (home) in a week or so...and I wouldn't be able to keep up anyways...maybe next time.


  1. Yay !!!!! So glad that you get to both be in the same physical space and hug tightly ! Sherry is a treat !
    Enjoy, enjoy, enjoy !
    Love to both of you !

  2. Have a wonderful day with Sherry. Tell her 'hi' from me.
    Lesley x

  3. Enjoy every minute you have because that time passes quickly. I was so excited to meet Carlanda when her and her husband came here. The excitement is a great feeling knowing you are going to meet a wonderful person face to face. I have met several people from online and each one is special. I envy both of you and wish I could meet both of you in person because you both are very special ladies. Take pictures like we did so we can see you both. Have a great day.....and enjoy!!!! xoxoxox

  4. I'm blushing!!! And yes, you would think it was the Queen coming...mind you, it is her diamond jubilee for 60 years on the throne. We'll need to find me a diamond tiara when we are junking tomorrow!!

    As for the excitement, I'm as excited as you. I so look forward to being in the same place with you -- the talking and laughter are much anticipated!!!