Saturday, February 11, 2012

measurements, check

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So, I think I have been saying for a month or so now, that I would indeed take my measurements.  I could see the difference in my clothes and in the mirror, but those pounds are hanging on for dear life.  Damn them...
I think I had to get to a place of comfort, in knowing this is in fact working and my hard work and commitment to the gym is paying off.  So much of the credit I do feel, goes to yoga.  The part that makes me "see" the changes.  Yoga is hard work...sure some of the benefits are the resting poses and de-stressing...and finding your spiritual side....but those strength poses...are hard core.  And when you can go to the next level in them, you find you are sweating up a storm.  So going into this commitment, I might have gasped at the numbers.  I WOULD have...but now, I do wish I measured first.  I would be smiling at these numbers from today.  Knowing I am getting there, made me say today...go and do it!!!
It is a bit daunting to get that tape measure out and do it...but I finally did.  I have my numbers recorded and next month I will do it again.  I did step on the scale again, and lost 2 pounds since the last time...but that was weeks ago.  So for now, I will look at the numbers next month and go from there.  It took a few years to collect these pounds I now carry, so I will not expect them to come off quickly.  As long as they are coming off.  Doing my best each day, with no expectations... that's all!


  1. Dear Kathy,
    Remember that your have been doing a lot of exercise and muscle, when worked, weighs more - so you'll see the difference without losing as many pounds as you think you have. (Wise words from my Dad many years ago haha!)

  2. I know what you see when you look at yourself and at the scale. And I know we can't stop ourselves from measuring both in weights and in inches. But I do have to say this. Having spent a full beautiful glorious day with you -- you look absolutely amazing!!!! ♥