Tuesday, January 24, 2012

being brave, cont.

During this little transition I am experiencing...I thought a lot about old baggage...some I have carried for years.  Body Image, eeekkk.  While I have embraced this new habit of going to the gym, and enjoying it? really??  yes, really... I am paying more attention to what I am eating and drinking...so those things are falling into place.  But the old negative self talk and chatter...is very much present.  And as I get older, maybe even more so.  When I saw the new Brave Girls online course, Body Restoration...my interest was peeked.
 I jumped in right before week 2, but I have a wonderful weekend of pushing my stress and anxiety aside and and catching up with the videos and art...ok, so I haven't caught up with the journaling...but I know this can be done later.  It is always fun to start a new project.  This one uses a sketch book as the "body book" and the process to get the book prepped was a feat in itself...lots of cutting of pages, gluing of pages, oy!  But it was just what I need to busy myself.  As in Soul Restoration, I know I will be referring back to this book, when I find the need to remember and remind myself, of some truths.

I am feeling much better now, the side effects of the Cymbablta are much less.  None yesterday until last night, and I am so happy the effects are leveling off.  I am sleeping better at night, almost normal I would say.  I really just gave myself time to adjust to this "bump".  I rested when I needed to, as soon as my toe was ready, I worked out when I could...and just got quiet. All good... wishing you a wonderful day!


  1. Getting quiet is one of the best ways to clear the mind and to just "be" and we don't realize how often we need to just "be". We think we need to be go go go all the time when in fact that's completely futile and is a sure road to burn out.

    I'm glad you have taken the time to clear the noise, to hear your own heart and your own mind and to move forward in a direction that continues to pave the road ahead for you.

    You chica, are my inspiration!! ♥

  2. It's funny because I say the same things you do - all the time. If I Just give myself some rest..take a step back for a few days...restructure...prioritize..restore...change eating habits...and going through old baggage..it always seems to linger...there just beneath the surface, and when we try not to think about it..well, it always there. I can relate to you in so many ways. Don't you wish there was a magic switch inside our heads that we can shut off whenever we start thinking about those things? Boy I sure do.

    It's so interesting - Healing our relationship with food through Art & Journaling. That sounds wonderful to me - Keep us posted on your Journey with this, I am so interested to see how it works for you!
    Take care - have a beautiful week ~ xo

  3. So glad things are leveling out for you. How great finding this class and it was just what you needed!! I am taking Jeanne Oliver's class and she has given some good insight as to things we deal with everyday in our lives. I am loving her class, she is a great inspiration. I am behind but behind can be a good thing, I will hate to see this class end and it will end later for me!!! A lot of girls are charging through getting their journals done but me, I like taking my time and as you know there are other things in our lives we must attend to on a daily basis. I am doing a small excerise routine in the morning that my body can tolerate and I too am watching what I eat and how much!! Sounds like we are all doing things that will hopefully get us back on track and feel better about ourselves. BTW....I am so surprised I can post to your blog now. Must of been a glitch in my system.....you go girl, my Sweet Kathy!!!....love ya!!! xo

  4. Oh Kathy you sound so happy and positive - I am so glad for you :) This course looks to be exactly what you need and I am sure that you will enjoy it hugely and will find it very healing. Enjoy!!!

  5. Kathy, so glad the med's are starting to agree with your body. Nothing like a good nights sleep to start a day out right. The Body Restoration course looks intriguing!! Enjoy it, relax and have fun!