Friday, October 21, 2011


I found this sweet little candle holder, just this one...the mate was long gone.  And I loved the simplicity of it, and of course the little blue bird... It had to be re-purposed into something!
But what?  I saw a pin cushion in my this is what it became...

I added some linens to the top and then found this fun, frilly trim...a vintage butterfly pin was the final touch.  The little bird really is a sweet accent, the pair must have been fabulous.


  1. What you created is darling...but sweets, this is what my head looked like before I went bald!!! ROFL!!! tmi??? :)

  2. You should warn me before you post like! Oh my sweet Sherry, that made me laugh, tmi, never? You didn't have a bird perched on it, did you?

  3. No, no bird perched on it, but one day Evan came home from his part-time job at Mickey D's and put a Coke cup on top and it sat there like my head was a table!! :)