Friday, October 7, 2011

my sweet boy...

This is my old man Rocky, he is my "persnickety" fur baby... he is 11 years old.
A trip to the vet for his annual, brought some worry to me.  The vet discovered a heart murmur, canine murmurs range from 1-6 and his is a 3-4. Of course I am very REACTIVE and my anxiety comes flooding back to me when I am given information like this..and I set up tests that included xrays, EKG, and an echo cardiogram for next Monday.  I came home and researched online I talked to friends and I discovered many of them had dogs and cats with murmurs.  Most had not had the testing...and I started second guessing, it is what I do!
I called the office back and asked to have another visit with the vet I admire and have seen for the past couple years, while she heard the same murmur, her take on the situation was a bit different.  So we decided to go ahead with just xrays and see if this is enough information for now.  These tests are very costly and he is showing no symptoms as of now. 
It is so hard, when you are faced with these issues, some of the tests may be unnecessary and you have to hope you are making the right choice.  I do know his teeth need cleaned, and this could have caused the heart that is foremost for me right now.  When he goes in for the xrays we will start antibiotics and get the dental done.  When our furries get older, any time they have to be put out is scary...
So if you have any experience with this, please do share.


  1. Rocky is gorgeous. Kathy my cat, Lily, has a heart murmur. She has had it for 11 years (she's 16 now) Every year we take her to the vet for her annual check up and every year he says to us - she could drop dead at any minute - but 11 years on she's still climbing trees and rushing about with the wind up her tail :)
    I am sure Rocky will be fine :) It is always worrying when a loved pet is ill isn't it.
    Take care

  2. Hi Kathy, I am so sorry to hear's so scary. I'd like to suggest calling Dr. Wally Ansardi in St. Bernard. He is amazing. Just let him know that I referred you...One thing about it is that he doesn't rush to taking tests and is cautious to not have us pay for a fortune. He is excellent and so is the dr. that comes in a few days a week there. I've worked with both of them.
    Sending hugs your way,

  3. Whatever you do, however this goes, I know that you will do the right thing for Rocky because it's just who you are. Hopefully once the teeth are cleaned all else will fall into place. ♥

  4. Kathy, I like the advice of your 2nd vet, one step at a time. Sending you (((hugs))) as all us critter lovers are right now. Darn, it's just never clear or easy to know what, when and how much......I remember one boxer, Joe; we spent over a month's mortgage payment over 6 hours in one day at a specialist clinic testing for a heart problem's source, and when we came home Joe refused to get out of the car. He sat there for over an hour, car door open, before he liked me enough to come in the house again. Yet I was doing everything I thought I possibly could to make him better.

    I wish there was a better crystal ball out there for us.