Tuesday, October 18, 2011

It is a very bittersweet day for me today...

My Mom is coming home today, and I am thrilled and over the moon for this day to be here...for all of us, but mostly for her.  And for my Dad.  It is days like this, when I would love to be with them, and here I am so far away...They are always "with" me...
There is still healing for her to do and she will have to get used to things at home again.  She will be watched like a hawk, from my Dad who is a bit apprehensive, we all are...but this is a day we have all prayed for.  We have to have faith and know she is ready to come home...
I will hold onto the memories I have of my time spent with my mom and dad, and know when I get home again to see them, she will be much stronger that when I saw her last.
So, so proud of the work she has done and the things she has gone through.  And so grateful for the good people who have helped her at the re-hab facility.


  1. So glad your mom is coming home today Kathy, being at home may just be the tonic she needs.

  2. Seems like forever since she broke her hip but then again time went so fast. I am so glad she is coming home and I know you wish you were there to over see everything and help her out but remember all the help and love you gave to get her home....you played a big roll in that my dear....xo

  3. Oh yes, you very much want to be there on this day to see your mother walk into her home and walk about in her home and life to resume as it "was" before her accident. I so understand that need and that want.

    But you know that you were there at the time when it mattered most...it was your being there and your encouragement and sometimes "tough love" that got your mother back to where she wants to be -- at home.

    Being there now would be the icing on the cake...but just think how much better she'll be at being at home the next time you visit? Something so much to look forward to! xo

  4. This is a good day...along time coming. :) Mary